Which Features Made Flutter Become A Trendsetter In Mobile App Development?

In the Mobile app development Flutter become a trendy framework?

 If you are looking for Mobile app development for business purposes, you probably will not want to follow the latest trends. It is natural as mobile app development is not the same as latest or home improvement. Application development requires clarity, but if you choose Flutter, you will choose the latest platform without worrying about unwanted results.

Whether you are an entrepreneur who will open your business or you are already a stable business owner, you will benefit from creating and publishing a mobile app. Today’s customers expect digital solutions. Apart from that, digitalization will also help the business process change.

In today’s competitive environment, a technologically advanced ecosystem is constantly emerging. In fact, almost all startups, in particular, face a high failure rate due to choosing the wrong platform for Mobile app development.

Now, the problem with following the latest trends is that they work well in the latest trends, home remodeling, etc. To upgrade a mobile app, you need to be very specific. 

However, Flutter is a UI toolkit from Google that has been a trend for the past few years. It is one of the few forums to choose from. You will be following a trend, but a trend you will not regret following.

About Flutter

So, what is Flutter? If you wish to hire dedicated flutter developers, you should know what it is about first. As mentioned above, it is a UI toolkit from tech giant Google. App developers use it to create native apps and wonderfully engaging UI for web and mobile or desktop devices.

Flutter is widely known as a platform that speeds up development processes while reducing development costs. It also allows developers to create an excellent user experience that will delight in beauty. Small businesses, entrepreneurs, and MNCs prefer to use Flutter.

Persuasive data

Here are a few pieces of information that will seem inspiring enough for anyone to hire dedicated flutter developers from agencies like Moon Technolabs.

  • At the moment, Flutter is one of the most powerful app development frameworks compared to others. Those who use it to build apps have some very good things to say. They believe that it is easy to use, interesting, and fruitful.
  • Flutter became available in December 2018. By April 2020, it had about 2 million users.
  • Google has launched Flutter 1.20 on the web, mobile, and desktop devices. Shortly afterward, it was reported that the number of apps in the Google Play Store created using Flutter had risen from 50,000 to 90,000. It was April 2020. Currently, many other Flutter apps are available in the Google Play Store.
  • The beta version of Flutter was released on 13th March 2018. It was also the first to settle on 4th December 2018. In a short period, Flutter had already cemented its place in the market. The graph below will give you an overview of the popularity of this framework during its launch compared to other Mobile app development frameworks.
  • At GitHub, Flutter currently has 114k stars.
  • Google has split the share for Flutter developers. According to the creators of Flutter, 35% of all Flutter developers work on startups, 26% work as business-level software developers, 19% work as self-employed professionals, and 7% work with software design companies.
  • Based on a survey involving Mobile app development frameworks selected by app developers worldwide in 2019 and 2020, approximately 39% of developers turned to Flutter.
  • Flutter’s growth rate makes developers feel confident about its future. They think the new framework will control the development of multi-platform applications in the years to come.
  • Don’t you think the data given above is interesting? If you do, you should not hesitate to hire a dedicated flutter developer for your project. However, if you need more certainty about how Flutter became a fashionable framework, you should continue to learn.

The cause

  • One codebase

Of all the Flutter features, there is one that makes it better than the other. It does not require a developer to write more than one code. Exceeds the general limitations of the whole process of developing a multi-platform application where app developers had to write a few pieces of code for different platforms.

If you choose to build your business-based applications using Flutter, your developers will only need to write the code once. They will not need to do it separately for different operating systems, either. An app created using Flutter will work on Android, iOS, and Windows easily.

Flutter blended software development method reduces the effort of developers, as well as end-users.

  • Writing code and testing the app

The Mobile app development process used by every flutter app development company works very well. Since developers only have to write code once, Flutter simplifies and speeds up the overall development process. In simple words, building an app on Flutter is straightforward and works better than any other platform.

The single codebase upgrade method allows developers to re-use code with various plugins, which, in turn, reduces upgrade time. Additionally, when it comes to testing, a single quality test method is usually sufficient to measure the features, functionality, and performance of different applications.

  • Perfect for MVP creation

Flutter app development can help you showcase your MVP to your investors. You won’t even have to ask your developers to build two different iOS and Android apps. Once the MVP is ready for advertising, you can discuss your business model with your investors. Its presence will make your job easier and help you save money.

MVP saves both time and resources as you will not need your developers to build and test project prototypes. When it comes to developing MVPs, Flutter stands out from the rest. As it accelerates progress, all work becomes easier.

In addition, Flutter is compatible with Firebase. This feature will not need to create a separate backend for simple MVP.

  • Hot reloading

One of the features of Flutter’s fashion is a system called “hot restart” or “hot reloading.” This feature allows developers to test all code changes within a second or two.

In short, as developers write code, they can see how they proceed at the same time. This increases the productivity of the developer. And it is an excellent feature to fix bugs as they arise.

  • Widget utilization

You should remind the developers of your chosen company to develop a flutter application to use the widget capabilities. They play an important role in the visual interface of the app. Flutter-integrated mobile apps offer a wide range of widgets, including scrolling, navigation, fonts, etc.

Regardless of screen size, these design features can be customized. The fact that the application created using Flutter will incorporate the smoothness of the UI is undeniable.

  • Easy to work with

Flutter uses a programming language called Dart created using Google’s internal language. It is a single source, common sense language that a developer of any level of planning knowledge can use. Even rookie developers working with a flutter app development company find it easier and easier to access than other languages.

Another feature of Dart is that it is not just about Mobile app development. Professionals can also use it to create web applications, desktops, and servers.

To conclude

As you can see, Flutter is not popular because it is a product from Google. It is the amazing features of this framework that have given you so much admiration. Application development maestros from all four corners of the globe claim to be changing the game and are here to redefine the application development sector.

With organizations such as Moon Technolabs available, business owners and entrepreneurs can invest in mobile solutions in times of rapid change and market features. They can also reduce their knowledge, resources, and time by choosing to upgrade apps to Flutter.

It is the perfect decision for your business. You should start by looking for one that can create the solution you want. However, you should not hire a service provider without gathering enough information about the agency.

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