What You Must Consider While Renting Car in USA

There are offices of many major car-rental agencies in the USA but it is difficult to say which one is the best among them. You may have both good and bad experience with these companies in different cities of USA.

Before choosing your car rental company, you must visit their website and read their reviews to decide which rental company you must choose. You may also select based on their price.

You may read more hiring car tips in USA from the internet as well as you can go through this page to get a flavour of that.

Most cars will be with automatic transmissions

Rental cars in this country are normally with automatic transmissions, radio-cassette player and air conditioning. 

In case you request for any standard transmission, then most of the rental company’s may not probably be available, when you reach here because they are very uncommon. 

If you have children below 2-years of age then make sure that you have proper seat for your child or you can request the same from the rental company. In the USA, it is illegal if you carry small children in your car without any safety restraint seats.

You need not possess any international driver’s license 

Any international driver’s license in the US is not required. You can just rent any car to drive with your valid driver’s license issued by your home country. International license can be helpful to convince the car rental company that you really possess a valid license, if they can’t understand or recognize your license. 

Also, few rental agencies may not rent cars if anyone is less than 25 years. Few agencies may rent to young people however they will charge higher fee. 

Few agencies may also not rent to a person over the age of 71 years. Therefore, if you happen to be in these categories then you may think about other alternatives.

Car rental prices can be very competitive

Usually car rental prices in the USA are quite competitive and every agency will offer their best prices all the time. Also, prices can change frequently and you will find many promotional offer and competitive deals. 

If you try to spend some time by doing shopping for better price then you may often get the opportunity to save money too. 

You can bargain rental prices

Your car rental prices can be most competitive in any major tourist destinations e.g. California or Florida. Here you may also find few real bargain offers if you try to shop for the best deal. 

Few travel agencies may also offer you special package deals which can include your airfare and car rental or some cases hotels along with car rental too. 

You can always compare those deals in comparison to the best rates that is offered by any other US car rental companies too.

Car rental insurance will be necessary

Car rental agencies will always offer CDW along with theft insurance at very high prices which may significantly increase your car rental price. Never risk driving without any insurance and you can get insurance at much lower price too. 

Just check from your automobile insurance in your own country to check if it can cover US driving or use any credit card which provides free insurance if you rent any car. There are few credit card companies that provide such insurance without any charge.

In case you are going to spend plenty of time staying in the USA then there is another option that you can have and that is non-owner car insurance, which also provides you liability coverage.

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