Could Blood Tests Be The Key To Diagnosing Fatigue And Depression?

Could blood tests be the key to diagnosing fatigue and depression? According to an intriguing new study, the short answer seems to be yes. By analyzing different types of immune cells, researchers could predict whether study participants had chronic fatigue syndrome or major depressive disorder with around 80% accuracy, a degree of accuracy never before achieved in either disease group. 

Patients whose symptoms don’t line up with their current diagnosis could potentially open up new avenues for treatment that could help make their lives easier and more fulfilling.

Blood Tests: How They Work

Blood testing is considered one of the best ways to screen for chronic conditions. There are several different types of blood tests. Still, those that measure levels of enzymes like creatine kinase (CK) and lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) can help doctors identify heart attack patients at risk for sudden cardiac death. While these kinds of screenings aren’t new, experts say they could change health care as we know it.

Fatigue Tests in Action

Researchers studied how accurately their automated screening methods pinpoint fatigue in a recent study conducted at Chughtai Lab in Lahore. The team found that they could measure two lipids (fats in your blood) levels using a small sample of one drop of blood with an accuracy rate between 92 and 100 percent. After further development, researchers say their technology could lead to mobile screenings for fatigue.

Depression Tests in Action

Sadness, fatigue, self-loathing… these feelings are shared among us at some point or another. But what if those feelings were more than just moods? Could they indicate a more serious mental illness? A team of researchers led by Chughtai Lab has developed a series of simple blood tests that can help diagnose mood disorders like ADHD, autism, bipolar disorder, and even schizophrenia.

A Brief History of Clinical Testing

Clinical testing has evolved significantly over time, from using live animals as test subjects to complex lab systems that require expertise in specific areas. For example, you can now perform a small urine test in your home that provides a significant amount of information about your health.

These easy-to-use diagnostic kits are becoming an increasingly popular method for at-home care. However, experts doctor suggest Chughtai Lab report that these test kits still require expert knowledge on how to interpret results.

Can You Order These Tests For Yourself?

Chughtai Lab Online is a lab for clinical analysis. Chughtai Lab in Lahore provides lab test reports in Pakistan. Home-Based Test (HBT) can also help you order your lab tests from Chughtai Laboratory. Note that these are general health checks and are not specific for determining whether you are suffering from any particular condition.

Essential Facts to Know About Blood Testing

Chughtai lab report is one of the prevalent types of lab reports used in various medical laboratories in Pakistan. Chughtai lab online reports are also available for customers where you can quickly get your caught test report online at home. Chughtai test report has many purposes explained below with their benefits.

Is There Any Other Way To Detect Fatigue And Depression?

Chughtai Lab Online Reports. According to new research from Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center and Stanford University School of Medicine, the answer may lie in a simple blood test. The findings are published online in Translational Psychiatry, a Nature journal.

What Does The Future Hold For This Technology?

Blood tests for mental health conditions are in their infancy. Still, let’s consider that current methods of diagnosis are often time-consuming, costly, and inefficient, particularly when it comes to disorders such as depression.

It’s easy to see why they’re gaining popularity. Blood tests can work alongside other medical testing to provide a fuller picture of what is going on inside your body while avoiding invasive procedures that can sometimes leave sufferers feeling worse.

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